How Much Does a Filling Cost at the Dentist?

When you suffer from dental cavities, there are times when the dentist will recommend a filling for your tooth so that you can prevent further damages. The Amount that you will be charged for the filling will differ as some of the following factors will be considered:

  • Location of the tooth that has cavities: if the tooth is located in a place that will be hard to reach, the cost of the filling will be higher compared to the amount that will be charged if the tooth will be easy to reach.
  • The amount of time and the number of visits that will be required to carry out the filling: If there will be additional services that will be carried out before the actual filling such as treating an infection, the cost will be more as more visits will be required.
  • Type of filling: There are different types of fillings and each of them will be charged differently. You will be able to decide whether you need an expensive filling that will be appealing to everyone who sees it or an affordable filling that will still serve the same purpose.

The cheapest filling is the Amalgam filling which will cost an average of between $110 and $200 for each filling. The filling will last an average of 10 years.

The composite filling which will last for 5 year will cost between $135 and $240 per filling. The filling will match the color of the tooth.

Cast gold is the most expensive filling and will last for 15 years. The cost per filling will be ten times more than what the amalgam filling will cost.

  • Your location: The cost of having a filling will differ from one location to the other and this means your payment will depend on where the filling will be carried out.

After having the filling in place, it is advisable to ensure that you observe proper dental hygiene practices so that there will be no further cavities.