More Snow Means More Pot Busts

Maybe it should snow more often! SVI hasn’t ever seen the Spokane County Sheriff’s Investigative Support Unit so busy. For the second straight week they’ve earned their keep and busted a pot grow operation.


Sheriff’s detectives Monday equipped themselves with four-wheel-drive vehicles and executed a search warrant on a Spokane Valley marijuana growing operation about 10 a.m.


Investigators found 57 marijuana plants in a home located in the 11800 block of East Eighth.  Police arrested 59-year-old Christina Marie Schick, and booked her into the Spokane County Jail on a single count of manufacturing a Controlled Substance.


Schick was alone in the home with her three cats at the time of the raid.

The Mystery of the Mysterious Substance Leads to a Jail Lock Down

The Spokane County Jail went into lock-down status (which is funny because aren’t the prisoners ALREADY locked down?)  after officials thought they had discovered a  mysterious substance inside a letter Friday afternoon.


A female employee was opening inmate mail about 3 p.m. when she began to feel nauseous and her skin broke into a rash after she opened an envelope containing what was reported as a powdery substance.  


A Haz-Mat unit removed the envelope from the area, and an examination of the envelope revealed no hazardous substance.  In fact, there was no substance detected in the envelope at all.


The Spokane Fire Department’s Hazardous Materials Team and U.S. Postal Service experts examined the suspicious mail, and that nothing out of the ordinary was detected.

Man arrested During Wal Mart Parking Lot Mayhem

Update: 7/4/2008

A female wanted for a robbery at the Spokane Valley Wal-Mart was arrested after a witness recognized her from the June 6th incident. The alleged bad girl is Michelle L. McGlynn-Bell (hey look, even crooks are allowed to hyphenate their names) whose actions led to a Wal-Mart security employee’s fractured skull. 

It’s a small world, because the witness who called the cops yesterday was the gal pal of Scott Hughes. Hughes is the dude tried to play the part of “Johnny Do Gooder” by allegedly assaulting a Wal Mart security officer trying to detain Bell, consequently Bell got away.

Hughes is proof, vigilante justice doesn’t pay, maybe he should have listened to his girlfriend a little more, because his girlfriend actually CALLED the police instead of taking matters into her own hands.

It sounded like a comedy of errors in the Wal Mart parking lot in Spokane Valley last Friday, but one Liberty Lake man isn’t finding things very funny after he landed in jail for interfering with the apprehension of a shop lifter.

The would-be Wal-Mart customer was arrested last Friday afternoon after he assaulted a store security employee and allowed the thief the guard was detaining to escape.The female suspect got away, and injured a second Wal-Mart employee with her car and also ran into another customer’s vehicle in the parking lot.

The incident occurred about 2:30 p.m. at the Wal-Mart store located at 15727 E. Broadway. Store security saw the woman concealing cosmetics that she had removed from its packaging. When the female suspect left the store without paying for the items, a male and female security officer attempted to detain her in the parking lot.The woman refused to stop for the officers and headed for her car.

The officers identified themselves to the woman; the male security officer took hold of her arm in an attempt to escort her back inside.At this point, 33-year-old Scott E. Hughes of Liberty Lake enters the scene and approached the male officer, shoved him back and told him not to touch the suspect.

The officer lost his grip on the female thief, and she jumped into her car and took off.The female officer followed the woman to the open driver’s door, and was knocked to the pavement when the suspect backed up to leave. The female officer suffered a head injury from striking the pavement.

The thief continued backing and struck another customer’s vehicle, then fled the parking lot.Police arrested Hughes for Third Degree Assault, a felony, and booked him into the Spokane County Jail.

If Hughes had not interfered, the suspect would not have gotten away.



The fleeing theft suspect was never located. The injured female employee was transported to a Spokane Valley medical center for treatment of her injuries.